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About us

Public Agency (PA) the Centre for Geopolitical Studies was established in 2005 by the initiative of active and public-spirited people.

Main objectives and functions of the Centre for Geopolitical Studies include:

1. Analysis, selection and accumulation of information on the political, economic, military, social, demographic, ecologic etc. situation of the states located within the geopolitical space relevant for Lithuania.

2. Supervision and analysis of geopolitical processes within the geopolitical space relevant for Lithuania; investigation of possible impact of these processes and their changes on political, economic, defense, social, cultural etc. situations in Lithuania and its neighboring countries, including possible political, economic, military, social, ecologic etc. threats for safety of Lithuania and its closest neighbors.

3. Investigation and analysis of geopolitical processes within the geopolitical space relevant for Lithuania, such as competition of states, their alliances or major economic entities, in pursuance of political influence and economic power, domination in the information space of the countries or trans-national alliances:

  • to give priority to supervision of geopolitical processes in Russia as a state having big influence on the processes taking place in the international stage, and major impact of a foreign country on the situation in Lithuania and its closest neighboring countries; to analyze and evaluate the measures of energy policy as well as information and propaganda measures used by Russia, by which it is striving to expand its direct impact on the situation in Lithuania, its closest neighboring countries and the post-soviet space;
  • to closely supervise and investigate processes taking place in the countries influenced by the international terrorism and political instability, which might influence the general international situation, including possible threat of major military conflict or wide economic crisis.
  • to supervise and investigate processes taking place in the international structures, to which Lithuania belongs;
  • to supervise and investigate political and economic processes in the states governed according to the communist ideas, such as China, Cuba or Northern Korea.

4. Submission of the survey, supervision and analysis results to the Lithuanian, and later – to the international community, and involvement of society into discussions of the submitted information:

  • For submission of results, the internet website www.geopolitika.lt administered by the Centre should be used. It should contain analytical articles, written by the Lithuanian (if possible – by foreign) politicians, journalists, analysts and famous public figures;
  • To open and administer, in the internet website www.geopolitika.lt, a discussion webpage – forum, where the Lithuanian and foreign readers could express their views on issues under investigation and participate in the internet discussions.

In the future the Centre envisages to organize information-analytical conferences on major geopolitical issues for Lithuania, and to join civil initiatives and projects relevant for the activity of the Centre.


Andrej Sedov. The United States Secret Service is going to be opened in Estonia

2011 05 12

It seems as if for a small, however, rather active in the anti-russian rhetoric and gestures, Republic of Estonia, membership just in the NATO is not enough.

Russia and Lithuania have agreed on the construction of a new bridge over the Nemunas River

2011 05 05

Moscow and Vilnius have removed disagreements concerning the construction of the new bridge over the river Nemunas in the region of Sovetsk, and by the end of June are going to sign the agreement on the implementation of this project, stated Nikolai Tsukanov, the General Governor of the Kaliningrad region.

Piotr Telegraphov. Scandinavians suggested to close Schengen for the Baltic States

2011 05 04

While the flow of refugees from North African countries to European countries is increasing, police of the Nordic Countries is suggesting to restore border passport control in relation to the increased crime from the Baltic States, writes the Norwegian Aftenpost.

The President of Lithuania is going to pay a conciliatory visit to the Caucasus

2011 04 28

At the beginning of May the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite will visit the South Caucasus: the Republics of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbajdzjan.

The European Union is planning to request all countries in the world in undertaking to carry out stress-tests of NPPs

2011 03 30

On Friday the EU has taken decision to carry out checks NPPs as operating as under construction in all the member states of the EU, reported the President of Lithuanian Dalia Grybauskaite.

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