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2010 years editions

Youth involvement in the processes of rural development >>

From the beginning of the last decade demographic situation in Lithuania has been changing substantially. Degradation of demographic processes as well as negative impact on labor resources are generally determined by migration processes, especially those of young people. Negative implications of such tendencies are already significant to demographic processes and the quality of labor sources, and in the future these tendencies may become even more vigorous. The processes that are being discussed endanger the succession of farming traditions, the creation of public goods as well as the vitality of rural areas, and that makes the demand to promote quality of human resources notably relevant.


Agricultural sector development outlook >>

Lithuania became European and World market share, arose the problem to evaluate not only internal but also external factors, when forecasting agricultural production, consumption and foreign trade. This can be done using econometric models, which allow consider the European Union (EU) and World balance sheets components forecasts and project developments of the Lithuanian agriculture.


Feasibility assessment of applying national brand for Lithuanian agricultural products >>

Striving to strengthen competiveness of national products of agriculture and food sector, governments of many countries increasingly put more efforts to promote these products and the whole sector in foreign markets. Their marketing activities resemble those applied by private companies, but are of much larger scope. During the last decade, a number of EU Member States have put quite much effort on developing national brands as tools of representation of state’s overall agricultural sector, and started applying it as a marketing tool through various channels.


Evaluation of farm production potential and economic activity in Lithuania >>

Farm production potential and its impact on the economic results have been varying, therefore, it is important to examine continually changes in economic activity and anticipate their after-effects. Lithuanian scientists often research the economic development of the agricultural sector, but econometric models in farms are not common-used yet. The structure of farm production potential sometimes does not ensure an effective use of the individual production factors, and investment is made without thorough economic calculations.


FADN survey results 2009 >>

Statistical publications “FADN survey results” are annually published since 1996. The publication of 2010 is based on accountancy data of 2009 from 1301 family farms and 47 agricultural companies. Selected farms cover all districts, natural zones and reflect different farming conditions.


Market research. Agricultural and food products No 2 (48) >>

The market changes of agricultural and food products are analyzed in the publication „Market Research“ No 2 (48). Influence of the grain prices on purchasing prices of cattle and pigs, bread retail prices, raw milk market tendencies and their factors, changes in prices of potatoes, vegetables, poultry, and eggs are analyzed. The Lithuanian data is compared with appropriate data of the other EU member states, short – term prognoses are presented.


Agriculture and food sector in Lithuania 2009 >>

2009 was a year of economic austerity for the agricultural and food sector. The global economic crisis due to a lower consumption, worse inter-settlements and tighter bank policy has become a serious challenge. A stable growth of value added, that prevailed in 2005–2008, in 2009 changed the decline. As compared to 2008, this indicator decreased by more than one-fifth. The decline of value added was caused by lower purchase prices of agricultural production. In 2009 the index of purchase prices of agricultural production made up only 77.8% of the 2008 level. However, the decline in this sector was much less than the average of the country.


Market research. Agricultural and food products No 1 (47) >>

Market Research No.1 (47) deals with the variations in the markets of grain, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, berries, milk, beef, pork, poultry and eggs in 2009. The analysis includes the output of the agricultural produce and its products, the volume of sales, prices, retail prices structure, export and import flows. The data on Lithuania is compared with the data on neighbouring countries and the EU countries, short-term prognosis is presented. A comprehensive analysis of foreign trade of agricultural and food products in 2009 is presented.


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